Okay, here's how it works...

1. You sign up. It's free. Click here. That's it. It really is that easy to start changing culture. Just sign up. We won't pester you or sell your information.

2. We find great stories. Through a variety of mechanisms and relationships we scour the nation for the best stories. Some are books. Some are screenplays. Every single one must have a positive Christian character in it somewhere.

3. You commit to prebuy.We ask you to demonstrate your commitment through a $3 payment of earnest money. This increases our trust in your commitment and helps you not to forget. Remember, we are a non-profit. That money goes to fund film projects.

4. Those commitments get the stories made.We take your commitments to publishers. Publishers give us preference based on the numbers of presales we can promise. This is why your $3 commitment is so important. If you don't actually deliver, we loose credibility in the industry and might as well close up shop.

5. You fulfill your commitment to prebuy.We notify you when the presale period opens. You do NOT buy them from us. Use Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads or whatever else you like. You must purchase before the release date.

6. The stories are a hit.It is remarkably easy to put a title on the best seller list. Our membership goals almost guarantee that any book we represent will end up there. Best-sellers get read because they are best-sellers. Its a feedback loop, and you got it started.

7. Culture is changed.As the secular world consumes more and more content with positive Christian characters sprinkled throughout, the prejudices will melt, replaced with, at first, ambivalence, giving way to acceptance and finally support. This is the same stragety used for tobacco, homosexuality, seat belts and alcohol consumption to name a few. Its time Christians got saavy to the mechanics of behavior change. You ready? We're waiting. Let's go.

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