Sacred Ink sponsors literary and artistic endeavors that include a Christian element.

Books - Sacred Ink is a literary representative that sells its books to publishers. Once membership numbers are high enough, we can ensure our books will debut on the bestseller lists, because when our members all pre-order the book, their purchases will all post on the day it is released. A large and well-coordinated buying effort could ensure a book stays on the bestseller lists for weeks, enticing both publishers to publish and readers to read our books.

Films - Sacred Ink is a film financier/executive producer. Sacred Ink chooses film projects to finance, either in whole or in part, to see the film made and distributed. At this time, we prefer made-for-tv movies that are specifically targeted for female audiences.

Other Art - Sacred Ink is open to other artistic/entertainment endeavors that could be released to a secular market yet have pro-Christian elements. We fully recognize the importance and impact that art outside of the book and film industry has on our culture and look forward to working on various types of art in the future.