For writers, Sacred Ink is a literary agent. For filmmakers, Sacred Ink is a financier/executive producer. For artists in other areas, Sacred Ink is a patron.

Every writer today is expected to have a platform. A platform is a group of people committed to a person and to his product that can be reasonably expected to buy whatever he is selling. Almost any famous person, a nationally known speaker, or the pastor of a mega-church are good examples of people with platforms.

But what about the rest of us? What about talented people who don't have thousands of followers on Twitter? Or fans on Facebook? Or dedicated listeners to a radio program? How do they get published? The truth is, they usually don't. They may be fantastic. They may have something very important to say. But as someone unknown, they are too big of a risk - so the publisher passes over them to go with a surer bet - someone who already has a platform.

Sacred Ink meets this need - its members are a ready-made platform. For those authors we choose to sponsor, our membership commits to buying their product.

Every filmmaker is looking for financing. Sacred Ink will be looking for projects to fund in the future that meet our criteria of secular films but with a pro-Christian element.

Sacred Ink is interested in sponsoring statues of important Christian leaders, music, or other artistic endeavors. We are not currently accepting queries in this area but hope to be able to soon.